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Saw a girl, dick got hard. What to do with erection now?

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All men have moments in their life when the readings of the device begin to grow. Sometimes it happens on time, sometimes not on time. Anything can erect your situation (depending on personal preference) — girls, guys, animals. It’s very good that you are reading our article, not an article from a neighboring site, which describes what to do if you get erection after you saw a boy. Because here we will consider the classical situation — what to do with erection after you saw a girl.

First of all, evaluate the situation when you got the erection.

Does it promotes sex with the girl who caused such a stormy reaction? If a lady’s with you in bed, completely naked, facing you, then bless your young body for the right reaction and take up the case. This is the ideal situation, you’ll never ask «what to do with erection» now. Especially if you already know how to last longer in bed. But there are other situations possible. I’ll give you a description of the situations, and a guide to action in each of them.

1. Girl is lying on the bed with another, or even with a whole detachment of men

And all this happens on the screen of your monitor. What to do with your jade stick propping your chin in this case?You can determine it in our previous article: «benefits and harm of masturbation».

2. You have a girl, but your relationship, however, is far from being on the same bed.

In this case, you’d better hide your bulldog tearing out of your pants. To hide the cone deformation of trousers in the groin area, put your hand in your pocket and clench your fist. So it will take up more space, and the hills will equal. She will not notice that your dick have risen. You can also sit down for a while, cross your legs. This is the most reliable way to hide the riser, because nothing can be seen at all. Or divert her attention to something romantic, until the period of the erection state passes.

By the way, here are a couple of tips to get it faster:

    Stop thinking about how to take off her underwear. It’s better to think about how someone else does it, and how you wash him down into powder. The release of adrenaline will reduce the erection. Many other options — in the article « how to last longer in bed», in paragraph 3.2, which is about thoughts and self-control.Relax Kegel’s muscles, and additional blood will not be pushed into your piston. The erection will subside after a while.

3. It is very common for you to get an erection during a kiss.

If you are embarrassed, then take this position, in which your gun will not be directed at the girl. But stay naturally. In the end, even if you rush into her with your ram, nothing terrible will happen. If you are already kissing, then you have both a moral and physical right to be excited. And for her it will be a silent compliment, instead of a thousand words.

4. You are gay, and suddenly get an erection after you saw a girl.

In this case, first of all you need to hide an erection from your boyfriend, who is walking alongside. How to do it — read above. However, you can say that your boyfriend created this tent on your pants, and everything will be ok. But you will know the truth. And the truth is that, apparently, you are not completely lost to a heterosexual society. Most likely, you’re just bi. To find out for sure, try it with a girl. She’ll tell you what to do with erection.

5. You were born closer to the middle of the last century.

Nothing has grown in your pants for a long time — no mountains, no pyramids, no tents. You have reconciled with it. But suddenly you again feel a long-lost sense of density in forgotten lowlands. It’s good if the reaction caused by new clothes of your legal wife, with whom you’ll have a 50 years together soon. Good, but hardly. And those girls who’ll be ready to communicate with you is expensive ones — only the latest model of the iphone should be enough. Think about whether you need to cut down the budget for presents for your grandsons.

Let embarrassing moments bypass you. We wish you get the erection only in right situation when you know exactly what to do with it. And remember, it’s good to have erection. It’s bad when you haven’t.

And let the erection show you the way to where you can find a girlfriend.

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