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How to write a dating profile. Tips for online dating


Dating on the Internet — a very convenient thing, which is increasingly gaining popularity. If you can`t get acquainted with gir in reality because of any reason, then it’s real for everyone on the Internet is your chance to meet a nice girl, the main thing is to know some unspoken rules. Today we`ll spoke about how to write a dating profile. There will be some really useful tips. We`ll teach you how be more interesting for the opposite sex, warn against mistakes and try to show by examples how to get acquainted with a girl who really interested you.

Get acquainted in the network — the norm long ago.

I got acquainted through the Internet from time to time for ten years, and only now took a break to write this article. During this time, there were relationships with girls from the Internet, and many years of friendship, and sex on the first date. And there was just a wasted time, when you had to figure out how to finish the meeting as soon as possible. Or a tough ignorance from girls, so I was at 3 nights alone on the outskirts of the city. Many different experiences and observations have been accumulated, which I will share with you in this article.

People in the internet are the same as in reality.

There is an opinion that, they say, on the dating sites there are no normal people since they can`t meet somebody in reality. I can say that the girls from real life are the same «magical» as in the virtual. So if you get acquainted with a girl on the Internet, and when you meet, it turns out that in her underpants is not what you expected, it’s not the Internet. This is life, dude. Use intuition and avoid such situations.

How to write a dating profile: filling out the text paragraph

Write only the truth, and nothing but the truth.

It’s good, if with humor. (Only not vulgar 🙂 Remember that the girl with whom you have to pretend to be another person will not bring you joy, but only tension. You can not pretend forever, and in the end nothing good will come out.

To reveal yourself in detail is better on date, not in the questionnaire.

It would seem that the more you write about yourself, the easier it will be for girls to catch on to something when viewing your profile to write to you. But those girls who`ll send you messages themselves, as a rule, will not meet our requests. So it makes no sense to set up traps for them in the questionnaire. I recommend to filling out not at all blank, but briefly. Show that you are an unbridled male for whom there are no rules, leaving an empty «education» column.

Growth, weight, a couple of words in the column «about yourself», a couple of words about hobbies, a few witty answers in the «self-portrait» and the case in the hat.

Exceptions — social. Network, and facebook in particular. There’s more information about you, the greater the chance to inspire confidence. Facebook — not a dating site, and there all have their own circle of friends. Who got into it admit the girls will not, and you must first prove yourself.

Filling out the form: photos.

    Five or seven pieces will suffice. Among them, it is necessary that there is at least one full-length photograph, one photograph that clearly shows your face, and a couple of photos related to hobbies. Just do not interfere with beach photography, if you have something to shine. Frames with a bare torso on the background of the carpet are quoted much lower.Girls won`t be happy to see you in the arms of another. So you do not want to add it until you cut out a girl from photo.But in social networks such photos are needed, as they are a kind of indicator of your social success, and attractiveness for women. Facebook is not a dating site. This is life, dude.

Alright, we sorted out with the questionnaire .

Read the continuation of the theme of online dating in our next article, where you will find out what to write to a girl.


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