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How to start running. Why you should start as soon as possible

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Under the onslaught of your own ego tearing outside, and being unable to restrain the athlete within you, you decided to start running. We`re support this solution! But with one caveat: only if the doctor examined you, approved this venture and isssued a certificate on which something’s written.

So, if you answered yes to the question «how to start running«, you probably already know about the benefits of this lesson. If not, we’ll be happy to tell you.

In ancient times, to earn a piece of food, people didn’t sit for 8 hours in offices. They ran, jumped, jabbed, moved to get food. A modern man doesn’t soar so much on such trifles. But you have to sweat on really serious’ssues, for example, how to start running for weight loss …

Reasons to start running

    When you run, there are large groups of muscles working — back, press, legs.If sitting on the ass 15 hours a day is just like you, then running, seasoned with a pinch of other physical exercises, will save you from the negative consequences of this lifestyle.Running, you extend the expiry date of your locomotor system.Start running around in the morning, and the nervous, cardiovascular and immune systems will bless you!Begin running in the evenings, and your son, left alone at home with his girlfriend, will bless you!Breath, endurance, physical tone is not at its best? How to start running correctly — read and it will be best!Excellent mood is provided by the release of the hormone of joy — Endorphin.Improves blood circulation in the pelvic region, which will positively affect «communication» with the opposite sex. Here are some more tips for men.And, of course, for what we are all here for — slimming. Running is exellent for that.

Now you are charged with motivation and morally ready for the first race. Start running from scratch is simple:

1. Decide on the place and time where you’ll run.

It’s better, of course, to train in the open air, for example, in the nearest forest. On dirt tracks, joints experience less stress than on asphalt. But it’s better to run on the asphalt than sit at home and gnaw the chips.

As a rule, it’s better to run in the morning than in the evening: the body’s not tired yet, sunlight, cheerfulness for the whole day — all this speaks in favor of morning sports. But it’s better to run in the evening than … well, you know.

2. Outfitting.

After determining the place, you can buy sports inventory. It’s a windbreaker, sports pants and shoes. If you are going to run in the cold season, then we also take thermal underwear. Running, you’ll survive the winter with benefit!

Footwear for running on asphalt differs from ground shoes. You also need to take into account your weight, the shape of the foot, the cushioning of the sole. This’s not for you in shoes for athletes suckers in the area to drive!

For sure, in your city there’s a large sports shop where you can find everything you need right away. With it there’s also a grocery hypermarket where you used to buy alcohol, buns and pelmeni for two days ahead.

3. Body and muscles.

If you have a general physical training — not very much, you can first prepare yourself a little for the running loads — strengthen your muscles, work on coordination of movements.

Start with jumps on your toes, sit-ups, work with calves on the steps. Also, all kinds of attacks, slopes, push-ups are perfect. Advanced level — skipping rope. She coordinates the movements and simultaneously teaches you how to land properly.

4. Preparation for the first race.

To run without excessive discomfort, colic in the side and other things, make sure that you eat about 2 hours ago, and have a good stretch — stretched out.

Remember the exercises that your classmates warmed up at the physical school while you were sitting on the bench with the release. They are what we need for warm-up.

And a little theory, which’s very important to know:

    don’t land on the heel with all weight! Her touch on the ground should be light and fleeting.don’t slouch, spread your shoulders, so your lungs’ll be able to hold more air, it’ll be easier to breathe.Bend your hands and work more with your elbows.Breathe through your nose, exhale through your mouth. Breathing’s smooth, smooth, like your movements.

5. Have you run? Come on!

First time you’ll go about the same as how to run, if not more. This’s normal if you run 2 minutes, (or even 30 seconds), and then 2 minutes rest, moving at a rapid pace.

Gradually increase the running time, and reduce the rest time according to your own feelings, as well as the number of repetitions.

1-2 workouts per week’ll be quite enough for a beginner. You can’te in yourself an increase in appetite due to increased physical activity. don’t worry, your muscles need material to get stronger. More on this in the article «why you can’t starve for weight loss.»

As you can see, it’s not so difficult to start running. And then to admire your reflection in the mirror’ll be very simple! This’s what you’ll be even easier to do while running:

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