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How Often do You Really Need to Shower

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We all take a shower at least once. Someone hasn’t done water procedures since their very birth, and someone shower several times a day. What is the norm, and how often should you really need to shower? We’ll answer this question in this article.

What is better to take — a shower or a bath — your own business. But to save water, it’s much better to take a shower. According to the research, an average of 80 liters is spent on a bathroom. For a shower — only 40-60 liters.

As you know, the top layer of the skin consists of organic acids, skin fat, and bacteria. It protects us from external influences, harmful microbes, and the skin — from drying out.

We’ll not take extremes into account when a person doesn’t wash at all, because he lives near railway station in apartaments made of refregerator box. An adequate question is:

How often do I need to shower

For me, the answer is: once or twice a day, soaping only individual areas of the body, and once a week — completely with soap. Below I’ll tell you why.

Studies show us that the most cleaners, which are shower from head to toe several times a day, the work of the immune system is broken, the skin becomes problematic. And eventually dries, flakes, wrinkles appear.

Despite this, many people in megapolices are shower every day. It’s understandable — when you work in the office, constantly in contact with people, you need to be impeccable.

Girls can use use moisturizing milk or oil after shower. Such agents can give moisture and protection to the skin, avoiding dryness. But the skin is still not restored immediately, the first beneficial bacteria appear after only 12 hours.

Guys are unlikely to waste time and use such means. Although there is nothing wrong with this: all the pop artists do this and look great.

The following dilemma appears: it is better to shower once a week for health, but for other people — everyday. I want to ask — what is more important for you? It is not necessary to make a choice. 

Science recommend the following:

    If you don’t work as a chimney sweeper or plumber, don’t wash with antibacterial soap. Also don’t recommend liquid soap — it is very alkaline, poorly washed, it has a lot of perfumes and dyes.Best — neutral shower gel with moisturizing ingredients, or soap with glycine. The drying effect on skin is lesser, and not so ruthless to beneficial bacteria on the skin.Wash with water, and only separate parts of the body with soap, gel, shampoo. Which areas? «Those that usually smell by the end of the day.»For intimate places, it’ll not be superfluous to have a particularly soft, neutral remedy. Or, at least, don’t use antibacterial.Leave the economic soap in the last century — it is too aggressive for the skin.Be careful with scrubs, they can remove not only the dead skin layer, but also damage the healthy epidermis!Shower should be 2 times a day — in the morning, to wash away the fat produced from the night from the face, and in the evening, with the same purpose, plus other urban pollution.

Therefore, don’t follow the advertisers and shower yourself from head to toe with chemistry several times a day. It is profitable for producers if you shower with their shampoos every day, so they encourage you to do this through advertising.

Try to find for yourself your own balance of cleanliness and health.

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